Bunda Stutz & DeWitt, PLL Has the Experience,
Technology, & Resources to Manage Mass Tort Litigation

Bunda Stutz & DeWitt, PLL offers our clients special expertise and access to powerful tools for managing mass tort litigation. For example, a proprietary database management system provides the firm and one of our clients with complete details and comparisons of pending and completed litigation. Our client has found this mass tort litigation management system effective in controlling both settlement costs and legal fees in complex litigation involving multiple plaintiffs.

At Bunda Stutz & DeWitt, we also have special billing procedures in place for cases involving mass tort litigation. Our policy is not to bill time for travel occurring outside normal business hours. This enables us to represent clients over a wide geographic area without incurring significant expense. We routinely have paralegal's draft many pro forma pleadings. We charge for photocopies based only upon the direct cost of machine and materials.

The firm has extensive experience creating and using case management and litigation support databases at both the client and firm level. Our staff has experience with large imaging and document production and coding projects. This experience allows the firm to more effectively represent clients and to reduce the overall cost through the effective use of technology.

http://www.webcasters.com/bunda/images/IMG_4103.jpgIn addition, our firm is deeply involved in advising a client on the necessary changes in its information technology system to allow the client to fully and easily comply with the new electronic discovery demands that are being made in connection with the recent changes in the federal and state rules regarding electronic discovery. The attorney involved not only understands the legal requirements set forth in the Rules of Civil Procedure and in the case law, but also the technical problems and solutions needed to bring the client’s computer systems into compliance with the rules and law.

The experience, systems and techniques developed over many years of managing this client’s hundreds of thousands of cases can be transferred to most mass tort litigations. The elements and problems encountered are often very similar. Please contact us if you wish to discuss our experience in this area, and how we might consult with you to improve your company’s efforts in managing mass tort or other mass litigations.



Rebecca C. Sechrist

Barbara J. Stutz

Of Counsel:

Robert A. Bunda

Joseph P. Dawson

David L. Gray